Let Kathy Teach Your Group How to Bend Spoons with Their Minds!
Maximize Your Mind Potential and Release all Limits to Your Thinking!
Board Certified Hypnotist, Kathy Moore, is using Spoon Bending exercises as part of her "Subconscious Sales Success" and "Personal Empowerment" programs. Whether your organization needs to learn to become super sales people, think more creatively, or just have more fun, spoon bending can help them break through mental barriers.
Here are some samples of stainless steel spoons that have been bent by program participants.
Once Sam is under, Kathy gives suggestions to start bending the spoon effortlessly.
Here's a close-up of a spoon that Kathy bent herself.


Kathy hypnotizes Herbalist, Sam Rodgers, with a quick induction.
Here Sam displays his handiwork.
For details about this or any of Kathy's "Mind Power" programs or to order a press kit, contact her via email at hypnotist@mooreinspire.com or by phone at (210) 735-6766.